About Suicide Awareness

Suicide awareness helps understand the thoughts and emotions that lead to behaviors of a decision that cannot be undone. However, awareness is not 100% prevention, but it can increase the likelihood of survival.

We are all human and we are imperfect, we cannot “fix” someone else, but we can be there for someone going through a very difficult time in their life. We can be there for someone who is having suicidal thoughts by being aware of the signs and behaviors with our fear to ask them if they are thinking about suicide. Some signs a person is experiencing suicidal thoughts is a shift of normal daily activity, emotional affect, making amends with others, and or giving personal belongings away.

It is may be an intense thing to experience hopelessness and helplessness. There are things to consider as far as what help would be most appropriate for the intensity and severity of the thought of suicide before it becomes a threat. Never leave them alone, attempt to remove things that can cause them harm, and seek help. The Internet is a resource for local emergency phone numbers and suicide hotline and prevention. If needed allow someone to assess them that has more training, if you feel the threat is imminent call emergency police number 911 and follow emergency instructions.

There are many possibilities that we can hope for when advising another person during this difficult time. Awareness of suicide prevention and resources may save a life.


I am prior Active Duty Navy turned Therapist. I commit to structured therapy techniques with simple goals in order to reduce time, intensity, and frequency spent in emotional distress. Some of my approaches including giving homework based on the review of old habits and brainstorming alternative processes.